Custom HVAC services and solutions

Our HVAC solutions and services do not come in one-size-fits all box.
We customise it to suit your needs.
Before we deliver any service, our expert team will perform a detailed analysis of the needs and tech specifications of your building, your operational and corporate goals - because these affect your bottom line.  We also plan every project in advance ensuring your deadlines and milestones are met in a timely manner. We check the quality of all the maintenance work by carrying out frequent audits on every client site.

Mechanical and electrical services for buildings

We provide a range of mechanical and electrical services for commercial facility management groups including:
  • energy auditing
  • essential service testing
  • life cycle analysis reporting
  • mechanical maintenance
  • commercial installations
  • 24/7 emergency response¬†¬†
Commercial installations
We provide an end-to-end installation service including documentation, commissioning and certification giving you peace of mind that every last box will be ticked. After the installation is complete, we will walk your team through it to ensure a seamless handover.
Mechanical expertise is at the heart of our business and we will bring this expertise to your facility. We work with your systems so they perform at peak efficiency. We identify any ongoing issues and monitor these so repair costs are minimised over the long term.
Essential Services
Fire Integrated
Fire systems need to work quickly in an emergency; we can help audit their readiness and safety controls by running tests and performing regular quality checks.
Dedicated project team
Each client has their own dedicated, expert team looking after their site, plant and equipment including a preferred engineer and account manager. This creates a one-contact point for our clients and ensures the transition is completed smoothly.